Willy is a family business which counts already 40 successful years. The first shop was established back in 1976 in Kolonaki, the heart of the city of Athens, and its concept belongs to its owner Stavros Skiadaressis who has always been passionate about home décor. Throughout the years, Stavros, has been fulfilling his vision about offering the most up-to-date décor solutions, the best quality materials, educating at the same time his customers and partners about all the current trends and developments on his area of the expertise by traveling throughout the world, researching, attending exhibitions and cooperating with the best companies and suppliers.

Stavros, passed his love for fabrics and decoration on his children, Yiannis, who is now managing the business and Maria who is an architect and an expert with international professional experience in interior design. The three of them have formed a dream-team, having already many successful projects on their record. So far, they have managed by offering very exclusive and complete services, always executed with attention to detail and professionalism, to own a place among the best on their field, winning over even the most demanding customers

With services such as complete decoration and architectural solutions, concepts created from scratch, renovations, custom-made furniture design, consulting and many more, in combination with materials of top quality the Willy team is happy to undertake a wide range of projects guaranteeing a successful result