Are you thinking about renovating your holiday home? Due to these special times with a stay-at-home situation, we have more time than ever for home projects. If you are as into interior design as us at Sandberg Wallpaper, renovation plans are a perfect way to distract ourselves from the current situation in the world.

1. Decorate the rooms with flea bargains

Scandinavian summer is for many synonymous with thousands of flea markets. It is so much fun to explore nearby flea markets and to find items that can make your holiday home more unique and enjoyable. We love vases of different colours and shapes, old beautiful books and lovely candlesticks that immediately becomes the living room’s eye-catcher.

Ewa – Grey

2. Floral wallpaper  

Freshly picked roses are of course beautiful, but to create a permanent romantic feeling in your holiday home, we think the use of a floral wallpaper is a perfect solution. Floral wallpapers are available in many different styles and you should pick one that includes your favourite flower.

Rosenholm – midnight blue.

Rosenholm – midnight blue.

Emma – grey

3. Small patterns 

Small patterned wallpaper is a great option if you want to add some life to your walls without giving them too much focus. Wallpapers with smaller patterns can easily create space and movement in your walls whilst still staying discreet.

Einar – grey
Anton – sheer grey

4. Invest in rustic decor and wooden details

Wooden furniture fits perfectly in a romantic summer house. Don’t be afraid to invest in darker wood, it is a wonderful contrast to your wallpaper or light walls.

Gabriel – grey

5. Cosiness by the fireplace 

Is there anything more delightful than cuddle up next to a fireplace when the rain is shattering towards the windows? In the Scandinavian countries, it often rains in the summer and it is not uncommon to have a fireplace at home. If you can install a wood-burning stove in your summer cottage we think that you should give it a go. Few interior details are as enjoyable as a fireplace.

6. Light candles 

Don’t forget that beautiful candlelight quickly creates a cosy and romantic atmosphere. Put your most beautiful candlesticks on the table and light up before starting a game night with your family.

source: sandbergwallpaper.com

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