02 Jul A Wallpaper with a story

After a massive demand voiced primarily on social media, design company Sandberg Wallpaper relaunches the Swedish wallpaper classic Katarina in its original colorway.
“The demand for Katarina in its original colors never seems to diminish,” says Sandberg Wallpaper designer Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson. “It’s probably because of the many wonderful interiors decorated by our fabulous Sandberg Friends, people who care about craftsmanship, small-scale production and domestic design.”
Katarina was launched by Sandberg Wallpaper in 2006 and quickly became a huge success among retro lovers. The pattern, a reconstruction of a wallpaper from the early 1900s, was discovered by wallpaper lover and curator of architecture Katarina Olsson. Sandberg Wallpaper was given the opportunity to reconstruct the pattern – red flowers on a beige background – and of course eventually named it “Katarina”.
After the launch in 2006 several new colorways was produced, while the old original eventually was discontinued. But now, by popular demand, it’s back!


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